FORECLOSURE Wave Coming! Will RISING Foreclosures Finally Crash The Housing Market?

The only Bubble that will burst are the lies about a “housing crash” in 2023. Foreclosure rates are rising, but still about 85% BELOW the normal number of foreclosures in a year with a healthy economy. The number of foreclosures starts is over 90% lower than it was during the housing crisis and there are not even close to the number of foreclosure completions (REOs) to negatively affect the housing market.

The number of actual completed foreclosures in Las Vegas in February 2023 was 6. Yes…that’s 6 total. For the entire city of Las Vegas for an entire month.

You are being lied to for youtube clicks and video views because it makes those people ad money. Taking advice from them is a bad idea because they are only interested in themselves and not you.

Sorry but there is no housing crash coming and no real estate bubble in 2023.

Todd Miller

Oana Miller

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