The Myth of the Housing Bubble
Housing Bubble is a MYTH

There is NOT a “housing bubble”. High homes prices are here to stay and why housing will keep going up in price. The housing bubble is only a myth and not supported by data despite what the crash bros claim.

00:00 Myth of the Housing Bubble

00:55 US Demographic Housing Data

05:05 Houshold Mortgage Debt

07:58 Vacant Homes

09:03 Credit Card Debt

10:00 Housing Inventory

11:48 Vacant Rentals

13:19 New Home Construction

15:00 Mortgage Delinquency Rate

17:19 All Loan Delinquency Rate

18:25 Total in Money Markets

20:25 Total cash and deposits

24:20 Goldman Sachs 3 year Home Price Forecast,a%20bubble%20destined%20to%20burst.

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