Las Vegas Rent Prices: Will Rent Prices go Higher in 2023? Las Vegas Investor Update

Will rent prices go higher in Las Vegas in 2023? There are signs that rent prices could go higher in 2023 as more people are moving to Las Vegas and home prices are starting to stabilize. In 2022 rent prices in Las Vegas stayed about the same, but in the last few months rents have started to increase.

Rental homes in Las Vegas are mostly owned by private investors and not hedge funds or corporations. A median rental home in Las Vegas rents for about $2,000 a month. a 4 bedroom rental in Las Vegas goes for $2,500 a month and a 2 bedroom for about $1,500 a month.

Median condo rentals are also about $1,500 a month in Las Vegas. To rent anything cheaper usually requires renting an apartment.

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