2023 Housing Market Forecast: Will it be a Repeat of the 2008 Housing Crash?

A forecast for the 2023 housing market in the US. Todd and Oana look at numerous factors that caused the 2008 Housing Market Crash and how that compares to going into 2023 and if there is a housing bubble or crash even possible. The great financial crisis from 2006-2011 was mostly caused by sub-prime homes and overbuilding of new homes with speculation in the real estate market. Going into 2023 neither of these are prevalent in the housing market in the US, meaning there is little likelyhood of a housing crash in 2023.

Most of the forcasted information into the 2023 housing market are literally nothing like the housing crash of the past, and instead potentially a slowdown going into 2023, but potentially looking at a rebounding housing market going into 2024 and beyond. Most of the macroeconomic factors support housing being able to weather a recession.

Todd Miller

Oana Miller

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