Will Government Tax Policy Crash the Real Estate Bubble in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas real estate agents Todd and Oana discuss if there is a bubble in the Las Vegas real estate market and whether or not government tax policy will cause the market to crash. Numerous proposals by President Biden, as well as tax policy of California is causing a lot of people to leave for Las Vegas and other markets. There has been proposals to increase taxes on capital gains, and also remove the 1031 exchange tax advantages.

Additionally, California tax policy has made it difficult for people buying houses in most of coastal California to be able to afford to buy and live in those markets, so many people have decided to buy investment and owner occupied homes in the Las Vegas real estate market.

There is certainly a slight bubble building and just the mention of increasing taxes on holders of real estate has caused people to alter their investment plans. Also people have decided to make alternative investments from assets like stocks and bonds into real estate and cryptocurrency where capital gains taxes can be deferred or not paid at all.

Here is a link to the article I mentioned in the video about people moving to Las Vegas from California. https://www.wsj.com/articles/these-ho…

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