Will Foreclosures Crash the Housing Market? Actual Foreclosure Number for US and Las Vegas

Is there a brewing foreclosure crisis because of high interest rates? The data shows that the foreclosure level from 2020 to 2023 is the lowest level in history. But what about pre-foreclosures and potenial bank repossessions?

Las Vegas has fully recovered from the housing collapse of 2008 and foreclosures are at the lowest level they have ever been. This includes pre foreclosure activity. We do not see any significant pre-foreclosure activity and do not expect the number of foreclosures to rise significantly in the US or in the Las Vegas area.

There has been speculation that the US has a housing bubble and that the housing market will crash in 2023 because of high mortgage rates triggered by foreclosures. Inventory is so low there is no bubble and there is no foreclosure activity that would change that.

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