Why the Housing Market Will NOT Crash: Real Estate 10 Year Trends

A summary of 10+ years of the housing market and why there will be no housing crash. There has been speculation that a housing bubble will cause the housing market to crash but long term sales data does not show that. It shows that the change is the real estate market going back to a normal market and not “crashing”.

Rising interest rates are certainly cooling off a hot housing market, but not enough to cause a crash. Home sales are still strong and 99% of all home owners have equity. Only 1% of all homes in the US are subject to foreclosure or short sale, which was closer to 50% during the 2008 housing crash.

We analyze the latest housing trends and do not believe there is evidence that a housing market crash is imminent. Certainly in some markets home prices could decline, and there are more home for sale with price reductions, but nothing that would cause the housing market to crash.

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