Why are Home Prices Rising? Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update

Todd and Oana talk about why home prices are rising in the Las Vegas real estate market. This year home prices have risen the most in the last 10 years because of a shortage of homes as well as an increased number of home buyers. Both investors and homeowners have left states like California and are moving to Las Vegas because the prices of homes are much cheaper than they are in the Bay Area or Los Angeles.

Something feeding the rising home prices in Las Vegas are the actions of sellers, buyers, and real estate agents that are all acting in their best interest, but magnifying the frenzy of home purchases. Some people have said there is a real estate bubble in Las Vegas that could crash, but it appears that this buying is in line with the large scale movement of people over the last year.

Oana and Todd are Las Vegas real estate agents and have sold over 3,000 homes in the last 15 years between them. Todd and Oana own Nevada Realty Solutions in Las Vegas, a Boutique real estate firm catering to investors and home sellers. In 2009 Todd and Oana were the #1 real estate team in the nation with 750 listings sold.

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