Are Foreclosures Coming? What’s the Trend of Foreclosures for Las Vegas in 2022?

An in-depth look at the foreclosure data for Las Vegas, which is a good indicator of foreclosure activity in the US and whether there will be a housing crash in 2022. The most important aspect to a potential housing crash is if there are foreclosures building up that could burst a real estate bubble. We analyze data for the Las Vegas real estate market and do a monthly update to the foreclosure numbers for 2022.

Typically a housing crash is from too high of an inventory of homes for sale without enough buyers. The previous housing crash was caused by a massive number of foreclosures that all hit the market in the US and cities like Las Vegas and then drove home prices lower. There is a believe that more foreclosures are going to hit the market, but so far that has not been proven to be true.

The low housing inventory has also changed the landscape for potential foreclosures, as investors have bought homes before they were foreclosed and put them on the market and sold them. It would take millions of foreclosures in 2022 to affect real estate prices in the US housing market.

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