Warren Buffett Real Estate Strategy: Predicted Years Ago

Warren Buffett made a statement about real estate 9 years ago and I made a blog post about his video. Warren stated that if he could buy 200,000 single family homes he would “write a check” and buy them, but there isn’t a simple way to do that nor a way to have all the properties managed. Warren was asked this during the bottom of the market and he never did buy any houses.

Today there are numerous funds buying up large numbers of homes in cities across the US. These institutional investors will have massive portfolios of real estate and be able to leverage that with higher rents and have excellent appreciation as real estate dominates as the largest asset class. Many of these hedge funds are buying real estate as a hedge against inflation, especially since interest rates are so low.

Nine years ago I made a video talking about what Warren Buffett said about real estate in the US and that he suggested that everyone buy a house and have all their family members buy a house as well. The strategy of buying a large number of houses to be able to trade them easily with other big Wall Street investment firms is something that is taking shape.

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