Wall Street is STILL Buying Houses! Hedge Funds Load Up on Family Homes

Wall Street purchasing of houses in the US has continued even while some traditional buyers have been left out of the housing market. Wall Street funds are buying rental properties with over $50B of cash they have. It is estimated that by 2023 40% of all single family rental homes will be owned by wall street banks and the other 60% houses will be owned by individual investors.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackstone, Invitation Homes, Blackrock and investment funds and even pension funds are buying up real estate in the US to use as rentals. They have been making a 20% annual return on their investment buying rental houses which is more than from apartments, shopping malls, homes for old people etc.

The trend of wall street buying homes is going to continue into 2023 and 2024 as they still have cash to deploy in many markets in the US.

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