Top 3 IMPORTANT Documents to SAVE After Closing on a House

Todd and Oana talk about the 3 more important documents to save after closing on a house. Obviously you should try to save every document you have signed, including all your loan documents, but the three we talk about in this video (settlement statement aka HUD-1, disclosures and inspection reports). These documents are important because it is likely you will have to use this in the future when you sell your home or if you are subject to litigation in the future.

Todd and Oana have sold over 3,000 homes in the Las Vegas area as agents and their Boutique real estate company was at one time the 4th largest real estate office in Las Vegas with over 120 agents and closing over 1,300 sales a year. If you have questions about real estate in Las Vegas contact Oana or Todd below. Oana Sterlacci-Miller 702-285-4207 Todd Miller 702-218-2819

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