Top 10 Cities People are Moving To/From: US Migration Data: Texas, Florida, New York.

The top 10 cities that people are moving to and from. There are a lot of people moving to New York and California as they were the top 2 states with total number of people leaving those states. Florida and Texas had a high number of people moving in, especially in Miami and Austin. The largest number of people were those that left Los Angeles and went to Phoenix and Las Vegas. Most New Yorkers moving to Miami and Tampa in Florida.

The amount of migration in the US has been accelerated in the last couple years as people have tended to flee cities like San Francisco moving as far as Miami and as close as Sacramento. New York citizens moved to Miami in droves as well. In 2020 people were leaving San Francisco in droves.

In this video we cover the top 10 cities people and leaving from and the top 10 cities people are moving to. Even outside the last two years, many people were moving from California to Las Vegas.

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