This Bank Will DOMINATE Real Estate! Every Landlord Will Use Their Service.

JP Morgan Chase is developing a sophisticated set of software that will allow landlords to set rents at higher rates as well as help them qualify tenants. This software is likely to put them in the drivers seat with banks owning real estate. JP Morgan has decided to spend almost $1B over many years to develop a set of software that will allow them to dominate the residential real estate market.

Their system will not only allow tenants to pay landlords online, but it will provide a whole host of other goods and services that will allow them to have much more control over the real estate rental process and even selling other goods and services to both tenants and landlords of residential property.

This software will have similar features to Buildium and Turbo Rent but also advanced data analytics that will allow the bank to also help landlords decide how much rent to charge and help guide them to the best places to buy residential rentals.

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