The Ridges Country Club Las Vegas

The Ridges Country Club – Las VegasToddMillerLasVegasHello and welcome to Todd Miller TV out at a new REO assignment. I’m in an area called The Ridges. It is right next to Red Rock Country Club. It is a really super high-end part of Las Vegas so I’m going to show you a spec assignment we got. You are probably looking behind me seeing these houses going, “Wow, Todd this is going to be amazing, a beautiful house.” So here we go, it is a vacant lot, unfortunately. It has a nice house next to it and a nice house across the street and a nice house right there and I will walk over here.I will sort of just give you an idea. It is on a golf course. The houses here are really amazing. It is a beautiful area. Houses, that you are seeing right there probably you know $3 million, $2 to $3 million. You can see the golf course and then of course we have a view of the strip and the city. We will come over here and just kind of peak in the neighbor’s yard and see what kind of pool they have. It is pretty nice. They have got a pretty nice set up there with you know a nice pool in the backyard and everything, pretty sweet.So I just wanted to sort of give you an idea. This lot probably was worth 800,000 at the peak of the market. I’m thinking 150 to 200. The going rates maybe about 175 for these so 175 grand you can buy a lot. It looks like it is close to half an acre probably .4 acres built the big old house on it. The hard part is going to be you know building the house, the construction cost of house, but you get to live in a neighborhood, you know that looks pretty nice.Anyway, it is called The Ridges, this is the high end part of Las Vegas, it is a Country Club right over here. I just thought I would share that with you. Thanks for watching the video I hope to see you on another one.