Tesla Model Y Smart Summon at Night!

Todd and Oana demo the Model Y smart summon at night in a parking lot with the app. The summon mode is available on all Tesla cars with advanced autopilot and with Full Self Driving (FSD) even though the full self driving option is still in beta tests with a select group of Tesla drivers.

The other option for summoning a Tesla is reverse and forward, which were the original ways to summon the car before smart summon was introduced. The car does a good job navigating to a set location without hitting any other cars. we have summoned the car at least 10 times and it never had a problem. We also have a Model 3 Tesla and have used smart summon on that as well. The Tesla Model Y and Model X also have smart summon available. I believe they work exactly the same way. from what we can tell, the Model 3 and Model Y are exactly the same since we have both apps. To have smart summon you need Tesla FSD.

The smart summon will drive the car as long as the person using the app keeps their finger on the screen. As soon as the finger is released from the screen, the car will stop. One of the requirements to use smart summon is that the Tesla must be in clear view the entire time.

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