Should You Buy a House Without Seeing it First? Overcoming a Hot Market

Todd and Oana discuss the growing trend of buying a house without seeing it first. A very common practice is that a home will come on the market in a status called “Coming Soon” and offers are sent it without any buyer showings. This is partly because buyers don’t necessarily need to see a house because the MLS pictures are very detailed, and also because its such a hot market.

The last 2 listings that Oana sold were sold without a buyer setting foot on the property. One just closed and the other is under contract. In a real estate market where homes sell very quickly, it is not always possible to have time to physically see a house before it sells because most sellers get so many good offers, they don’t feel like they need to wait for a better off just because the buyer wants to physically see the house.

Oana Sterlacci-Miller

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