Real Estate HORROR Stories! Crazy real estate agent stories.

Todd and Oana share 4 real estate horror stories they encountered while selling over 3,000 homes in Las Vegas. Some of the stories are caused by the crazy real estate agent mistakes or outright blunders. There is probably nothing more stressful that buying or selling real estate, but making the mistakes some of these real estate agents made is pretty scary in retrospect.

We will make more videos in the future about some of the horrible things that agents have done as well as mistakes buyers and sellers have made that have caused a horror for agents and everyone else in the transaction.

Some of the mistakes in this video include:
Buyer buying the wrong house
Buyer quitting job a few days before closing
Buyer agent sends the offer to buy a house to the wrong agent
Investor buys the 2nd trustee deed and then gets wiped out by another investor who buys the 1st trustee deed.
Buyer decides to buy a bunch of furniture on credit before closing and now doesn’t qualify for a loan
Buyer buys a brand new F-150 pickup truck before closing and now doesn’t qualify for the house by the lender.…

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