August Las Vegas Real Estate Update: No Housing Crash in Sight

The housing market is returning to a normal real estate market in Las Vegas despite rapid increases in inventory as well as decreases in list prices. Homes are still selling quickly, with home sales still relatively strong. There are no signs that the housing market will “crash” other than normal annual cyclical changes in real estate in Las Vegas.

This update to the las vegas real estate market is part of a series of housing updates designed to predict if a housing crash will happen or this is just part of the normal annual cycle of up and down in the real estate market. Todd and Oana are Las Vegas Realtors and have sold over 3,000 homes in the last 15 years. Additionally they called the housing crash of 2008 back in 2006 on their radio show “Talk About Houses” in Las Vegas.

Todd and Oana moved into selling bank owned homes ahead of every other real estate agent in Las Vegas and were in position even before the banks started foreclosing in large numbers.

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