New REO assignment

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. I’m out in front of a house that I just got as an REO assignment. So I wanted to give you a little tour of the house and the neighborhood. It’s kind of an investor special. Just see in the house today for the first time. So you could see there’s the house it’s got a pretty nice landscaping. It’s in a descent neighborhood. Not a lot of stuff for sale in here. It’s got here is the entry way, it’s pretty nice. Two-toned paint. Kitchen is missing some appliances. So there’s no dishwasher or there’s no stove or anything here. So that would have to be put in. So it’s a five bedroom house, one bedroom down here four upstairs. And this can be used as an office. It looks like that’s what they use it for. So we’ll run upstairs here. Hopefully you can see all this. There’s no power in the house so, here’s one bedroom, that’s bedroom number 2, and then a nice big bathroom, another bedroom, another bedroom, the closet, laundry room which I can’t see. Master, which is huge. This is the master, there’s a fireplace, you’ve got a little sitting area over there, big closet,
nice big bathroom there, and all the stuff that goes with it. An then, I’ll take you outside, to the backyard which has this pool that needs to be filled, and cleaned. And then I’m guessing pool equipment is not in here either, probably isn’t. Okay, and it’s got mountain views. Right, far South West part of town. Gonna get to where you can see me here go over the numbers for the house. Five bedroom, a house like this at the top of the market was worth 500 today. You can grab something like this for about 120/130, It’s a smoking deal. Here are the things that you gonna need to do, one is pool heater is gone, airconditing unit is gone, all the appliances are gone. I’m guessing the previous owner grabbed all that stuff. This was listed as a shortsale, it was under contract. Usually that’s what it is, it could be anybody taken them actually but those things are gone form the house. House is actually nice. This house would probably, 15,000 is gonna be an amazing condition to male a great rental. But anyway, just wanted to share the house with you, and let you see what I see sometimes when I come to these first time REO properties. Fortunately it’s not trashed on the inside. There’s not a bunch of debris around here. It’s ready to go for a cash buyer right now. No financing unfortunately until it gets fixed up but don’t know about that. Alright, I just wanna share that with you and Thanks for tuning in today.