Las Vegas vs Reno Housing Market Comparison: Real Estate Market Update

A comparison of the Las Vegas Real Estate Market to the Reno Housing Market. These are the largest two cities in Nevada and they are distinctly different real estate markets. Both Las Vegas and Reno have had record home price increases in the last year. Las Vegas does have a lower cost of living than Reno does, especially when it comes to home prices, which are higher in Reno.

Las Vegas real estate agents Todd and Oana Miller discuss the differences between the Las Vegas and Reno housing markets and also how different real estate is between the cities and what drives real estate values in those markets. Oana is a native of Reno and Todd is a native of Las Vegas.

If you have questions about the Las Vegas real estate market please contact Todd or Oana. also if you need a real estate agent in Reno we can help you find one with ReferralCloud, our real estate agent referral network.

Todd Miller

Oana Sterlacci-Miller

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