Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update: September 2022 Housing Market

Las Vegas real estate update for September 2022. The housing market in Las Vegas is changing rapidly from 2020 and 2021 highs, but still a strong market as home sales and inventory move back to a more normal market. Las Vegas has 3 1/2 months of housing supply which is less than a normal real estate market but more than it has been in over a year.

The long term trends for the Las Vegas housing market are still strong despite much higher interest rates and slowing demand for homes. This video is part of the Las Vegas real estate update for 2022. There is little sign that Las Vegas is part of a housing bubble, or that the housing market will crash in Las Vegas in 2022. Instead these are the signs that the housing market is going back to a normal real estate market.

Todd and Oana are Las Vegas real estate agents and have sold over 3,000 listings in the Las Vegas area since 2003.

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