Las Vegas Remodel, Episode 1: Rehab/Flip of House in Las Vegas

Episode 1 of a Las Vegas remodel. Todd and Oana do a complete rehab of a house in Las Vegas. The flip will include new paint, flooring, bathrooms, kitchen and numerous fixtures. Future episodes of the remodel will include the demo work, getting bids from contractors and having the new flooring and fixtures installed.

The keys to having a successful flip in Las Vegas include making sure the acquisition costs of the home are low enough that there is margin on the remodel. Also making sure the costs of repairs are not too high as well as both labor costs and costs of materials. Many times different vendors are hired to do different parts of the rehab on a property since sometimes contractors have significant cost savings on a single scope of work such as flooring, paint, or installing appliances. The same goes with landscaping and yard work on a flip or rehab.

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Todd and Oana are real estate agents in Las Vegas and have flipped hundreds of homes for themselves, other investors and as listing agents for the banks during the foreclosure boom in Las Vegas. In total they have sold over 3,000 listings in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas alone.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in listing your home for sale in Las Vegas or have any other real estate needs.

Oana Sterlacci-Miller

Todd Miller

Please be advised that in no way are we related to the HGTV show about flipping houses in Las Vegas. This is an example of a remodel of a home to prepare it to be occupied as a rental in Summerlin.

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