Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update: March 2022 – Bubble Watch

Todd and Oana give an update to the Las Vegas real estate market for March 2022. We are officially in “bubble watch” since the market is extremely “bubbly”. We still see no leading indicators of a housing market crash however. The real estate market in Las Vegas is certainly running hot, and it is not starting to cool off yet.

The main factors we will follow to determine if there will be a market crash in the Las Vegas real estate market are days on market, homes in the inventory, and home sales prices. A rise in inventory could be a sign that the housing market is cooling off as well as an increase to the number of days on the market.

We will continue to monitor the Las Vegas real estate market and let everyone know if we see signs of a housing market crash or the bubble bursting. Right now they don’t appear to be happening. If you have any questions about selling a house in Las Vegas feel free to contact us below.

Todd Miller

Oana Sterlacci-Miller

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