Las Vegas Real Estate News: November 2022 Housing Outlook

An update to the Las Vegas real estate market and some news about the November 2022 housing outlook. Inventory is increasing, but at a lower rate in Las Vegas while the home prices in Las Vegas are still declining at a rate that’s more than usual for the fall home buying season. Historically the real estate market slows in the fall in Las Vegas, but the inventory level is the highest its been in 3 years which brings it back to a normal level for Las Vegas.

The good new for the housing market in Las Vegas is that even with high interest rates, buyers are still buying, although at a lower pace, while homes are sitting on the market longer. The bad news is that until interest rates fall it is going to be tougher for sellers and an opportunity for buyers to grab homes at under long term trend values.

Todd and Oana are Las Vegas real estate brokers and hosts of a las vegas real estate vlog and the owners of Nevada Realty Solutions.

Todd Miller

Oana Miller

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