Will Las Vegas Run Out Of Water? Lake Mead Water Level Reaches All-Time Low

If you are thinking that Las Vegas could run out of water, its possible, but not likely. Lake Mead is at an all-time low and appears to be running dry. But there are numerous reasons that Las Vegas is unlikely to run out of water any time soon. Actually, Las Vegas is likely to have water for decades, if not beyond.

Lake Mead gets its water from the Colorado River Basin, which feeds 7 states, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California. It also allows water to flow into Mexico. Much of this water is used for farm land and hydro electric power, but most is used in households.

Fortunately the Southern Nevada Water Authority has numerous conservation efforts underway to ensure we have enough water in Las Vegas for a long time. These efforts include not allowing new homes to have lawns or pools as well as paying money for people to remove their landscaping and install desert landscaping.

Las Vegas will likely not run out of water and Lake Mead will continue to provide water to the Las Vegas area.

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