January 2021 Las Vegas Notice of Defaults: Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update

An update to the Las Vegas real estate market for January 2021 showing the number of defaults (NODs), notice of trustee sales, and the number of actual trustee deeds. Notice of defaults are a leading indicator of potential decline in home values, as more homes coming onto the market mean potentially lower home values and rising inventory.

The timeline for notice of defaults in Las Vegas is 90 days (usually) after missing payments the NOD can be filed. Then 90 days after the notice of default is filed the notice of trustee sale can be filed. 28 days after that the property goes to the trustee sale and is either sold of goes back to whoever holds the trustee deed. Trustee sales are held in downtown Las Vegas for all of Clark County, including Henderson, North Las Vegas, and unincorporated areas.

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