Las Vegas Real Estate News: Is The Housing Bubble Over?

Some news about the Las Vegas real estate market. Inventory has started a slight decline the last couple weeks showing that the real estate bubble has likely come and gone with only a small adjustment in home prices. The housing bubble in the US was overstated and there is no evidence that a housing crash is imminent.

Las Vegas has had some of the highest increases in home values in 2021 and 2022 in the US. Home prices have adjusted because of rising interest rates and sellers who were told the housing market would crash by real estate agents trying to get more listings. The housing market was never in a bubble and real estate isn’t likely to crash. There are no legitimate real estate sources that say the housing market will crash.

Todd and Oana are Las Vegas real estate agents and have sold over 3,000 houses. If you are thinking of selling a house in Las Vegas please contact us.

Todd Miller

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