How Will War in Ukraine Affect the US Housing Market?

Todd and Oana talk about the war in Ukraine with the Russian invasion and how this could potentially affect the US housing market. Factor we discuss include Ukraine’s economy, the emigration happening now, the disruptions to oil and gas, and how these factors can affect housing in the US. Obviously the largest housing impact will be felt in Ukraine and Poland as hundreds of thousands of Ukranians have become refugees.

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, but it is not part of the European Union and between Poland and Russia. Since they have a large english speaking population it is possible many of those people will seek visas or refugee status in the US and potentially become a US citizen and buy a house or become renters. It is very unlikely that the war in Ukraine will have an negative effect on the US housing market in the short term as very low housing inventory and high inflation are bolstering people buying houses.

War in the Ukraine has already had a negative affect on the stock market as well as crypto markets.

We will also have a video about rents in the US as well as a real estate market update and we will keep track of the events in Ukraine and track how that affects the US real estate market

Todd Miller

Oana Sterlacci-Miller

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