How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

Todd and Oana talk about how to get started in real estate investing. Being a real estate investor is a long path but it is a straightforward one and can build a great amount of wealth over a long period of time. In this video we talk about some of the key principles of real estate investing and how to get started in the business.

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Some of the key points about being a real estate investor are as follows:

1. Value is created, not found. You cannot ‘search’ for good deals. You have to go out and make them.
2. Information is key – know the market, know the skills you bring to the deal, network with other investors, brokers, potential tenants — with everyone. Your goal is to continually learn and to find deals before they are openly marketed so there will be less competition. It’s safest to invest in something you know or are at least somewhat familiar. We are all familiar with a house.Real estate is the long game.
3. Adjust your time line to decades, not weeks or months. Make sure you can weather the roller-coaster ride along the way. The payoff really happens when you access the equity be selling years down the line while tenants generally cover the expenses.
4. Location, location, location
5. Buy for value and hold for appreciation and income.
6. Do the math and make sure it pencils now and in the future.
7. Paying down the mortgage with rent income is a form of appreciation
8. Treat real estate investing like a business because it is a business. Learn the laws, get a real estate license, get to know the language of money and finance, track the markets, do projections and update your goals. Know your numbers and sign your own checks. The most successful investors I know made a plan and stuck to it. Buy a house a year, pay them off in 10 years, and soon it’s buy 5 a year, pay them down in 5 years, or add a multi or commercial building, etc. but always a slow, steady build.
9. A good mentor is invaluable
10. Real estate investing is HARD WORK!

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