How to get REO listings.

REO agent, Todd Miller, describes how to get REO listings and what to look for. Todd has sold over 1,000 REO listings in the last 4 years for numerous REO sellers. Some of the highlights include doing BPOs, going to REO conferences, and creating your own REO inventory through trustee sales.

Here is the Todd Miller TV blog piece on how to list REO properties.

REO listings are prized by REO agents and there are many strategies for getting REOs from asset managers. Most asset managers use real estate agents that they have met and have a good rapport with. It is very important to make sure you are in front of as many asset managers as possible if you are pursuing REO listings.

REO is as easy business to run, but it is a difficult business to grow. Most agents don’t spend time managing their listings, but instead are focused on maintaining the relationship with the asset managers and also focusing on finding new listings as well.

Networking with agents in other markets is also a great way to get REO listings, since those agents aren’t going to be afraid you will take business from them. During the REO boom I was networking with agents from all over the country and we were sharing information on asset managers as well as referring each other to asset managers when they would call us and ask if we knew an agent in a certain market that could take an REO listing from them.

If you are looking for ways to get REO listings watch to the end of this video.

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