How to Find a Real Estate Agent by the Languages they Speak: Agent Search Engine

How to search for a real estate agent in any city based on what language the Realtor speaks. ReferralCloud has an agent search portal that includes languages as well as specialty, service areas and an agent bio. You can also select the agent based on which one has a YouTube channel.

ReferralCloud is a portal that real estate agents can use to find clients for referrals or just use the system to automatically place the referral without having to do any of the work. The agent will still receive a 25% referral fee at closing.

For example, if you are looking for a spanish speaking real estate agent in Las Vegas, just select Las Vegas and then “Spanish” as the language. only the agents that appear on the map will meet that criteria. Oana speaks Romanian, and she’s the only one in Las Vegas on the portal that does.

There are over 60 languages that real estate agents can select including Spanish, French, Romanian, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish and Dutch!

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