How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent | Finding a Good Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas

Las Vegas real estate agents Todd and Oana talk about how to find a good real estate agent. Finding a good agent can be difficult especially when a buyer doesn’t know what they want. Because real estate agents tend to specialize in certain areas of town or certain types of properties (houses, condos, high rises) it can be hard to find a good agent that will help you with your specific situation. T

odd and Oana have sold over 3,000 homes in Las Vegas and have personally coached real estate agents in other markets that have gone on to be some of the top agents in their market.

If you are interesting in working with Todd or Oana to sell a home in Las Vegas or to buy you can call 702-285-4207 or email at

We hope you enjoy this video and we hope this helps you choose a good real estate agent to help you buy or sell a home.

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