Living in Croatia vs the US: How Much Does it Cost to Rent in Croatia?

How much does it cost to rent in Croatia vs the US? We wanted to do some international travel so we spent a few weeks in Croatia and stayed in a couple apartments there. Since we couldn’t just move to Croatia, we decided to fly to Dubrovnik and then travel to Split. The cost of the apartment in Split that we stayed would rent for 450 Euro. It is the 2nd most expensive city in Croatia, behind Dubrovnik, because of the tourism there. Because of the low costs there are many Expats and Americans living in Croatia.

There are many Americans and expats living abroad in Europe in countries like Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain and even places like Bosnia and Czech Republic. Europe tends to be cheaper overall than the US, especially in places like Croatia and Romania, where median income are about 1/4 of the US. Our trip in Croatia led us to a couple nice AirBnb places that are owned by Croatians and people from the US and UK but then just rented out. The purchase price of where we stayed was about $130,000 US, which does not make it a good long term rental, but an excellent place to Airbnb which get about 3,000 Euro a month if rented all the time.

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