How Much Does a House Cost in Las Vegas? What you can get for $400,000

Have you ever wondered how much homes cost in Las Vegas? Oana Sterlacci-Miller, a Las Vegas real estate agent, does a walk-through of a $400,000 home that she recently listed/sold. This is a median home in Las Vegas and very typical of homes in the middle of the market.

Home prices have skyrocketed in Vegas and this specific house has doubled in price in the last 8 years. This home is in a community called “Lamplight” and has community features like a pool, clubhouse, playground and parks. Its in the southern part of Las Vegas in a very residential area.

Oana has sold over 2,000 homes in the Las Vegas area. If you are interested in selling your Las Vegas home please contact her directly.

Oana Sterlacci-Miller

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