Housing Crash: Will 2023 be WORSE than 2008?

We compare the 2008 housing crash to the impending 2023 housing crash. Originally the housing market was supposed to crash in 2019 but when that didn’t happen it was delayed to 2020. That didn’t happen (the opposite did) but they for sure it was going to crash in 2021. That didn’t happen either and so it was rescheduled to 2022, which didn’t happen. Now its 2023 and home prices are going up again so that could mean its a strong housing market or another crash.

We look at data from 2006 to today including lending practices, foreclosures and new home construction. We conclude that it is unlikely to have a housing crash in 2023 or 2024 since literally all experts have said housing is already improving.

Todd Miller

Oana Miller

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