Home Prices Crash 40% in 2024 in THESE US Housing Markets! Is the WORST Yet to Come?

Will the housing market crash in 2024?

Zillow reports that real estate values will be lower in 102 markets in 2024. Will these markets experience a housing crash of as much as 40%? Will the housing bubble pop and cause massive foreclosures? Zillow believes home prices will be lower in many markets in 2024.

Home values have dropped significantly from the top of the housing market in 2022. While home prices are not down significantly in most markets, there have been rumors that a glut of foreclosures, or interest rates over 20% could cause housing markets to crash in 2024.

Are the crash bros actually right for once or could real estate values rise in 2024 in more markets than they are lower? Home prices did not crash in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, or 2023 as predicted, but many now, finally home prices will crash 40% or more?

This video is made for entertainment purposes only and not legal advice, dating advice, real estate advice, medical advice or any advice. We only made the title what it is because our followers asked us to make it more exciting!

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