Home Price Forecast 2022: Real Estate Prediction for Higher Prices

Todd and Oana share their home price prediction for 2022. Home prices are forecast higher in 2022 as values continue to climb. Last year home values went up almost 23% in the Las Vegas real estate market. There is certainly no bubble in the Las Vegas real estate market regarding home prices.

Last year while many people predicted that there was a housing bubble that would collapse, it is predicted this year that home values could rise significantly again compared to 2021.

The main factors that drive prices in the housing market are the number of homes on the market (inventory) and the demand for housing. Other factors that forecast the home prices are interest rates, ease of getting a home loan, and the pace of new home construction.

Todd and Oana are real estate agents in the Las Vegas area and owners of Nevada Realty Solutions in Las Vegas.

Oana Sterlacci-Miller

Todd Miller

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