Do Eviction Moratoriums Hurt Landlords or Tenants More?

Todd and Oana discuss whether eviction moratoriums hurt landlords or tenants more. Recent extensions to the ban on tenant evictions have not only made it harder for landlords, but its also put tenants in a difficult position as many landlords are increasing rents, deposits and other fees associated with renting. There have been numerous eviction moratoriums both nationally and locally since 2020.

One argument for the moratoriums hurting tenants is that landlords have increased their criteria for deposit funds. The normal amount, which is one month’s rent, has now increased to two or three months rent, and many tenants are having a harder time coming up with that extra money. Meaning the pool of homes that a renter might want to rent has shrunk considerably, and people who have more flexibility in their finances are in a better position than those with less cash on hand to pay deposits.

Oana Sterlacci-Miller

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