Discount Listing Offer for Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas Home Sellers

573 views May 4, 2022

Todd and Oana are Las Vegas real estate agents offering a discount from our normal fees for the month of May for listings. Here are the details if you want to sell your home and save thousands on commissions.

The listing will be at 4.5% total. This is only for listings signed during May, even if you are selling later in the year. So you can sign a listing now and lock in the rate, even if you aren’t selling until the summer. We won’t put the house on the market until you are ready. This does not include other agents at Nevada Realty Solutions. They are independent contractors and charge their own fees. If your home is listed with us already, its not eligible for the 4.5% listing discount. If you are listed with another agent, this offer doesn’t apply we are not soliciting your listing.

Please reach out via email at or call Oana at 702-285-4207

Todd Miller
Lic # B.0054513.LLC

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