Buying and Selling a House AT THE SAME TIME!

Todd and Oana talk about the process of buying and selling a house at the same time and what strategies make it successful. The first critical step is to make sure that if you are moving in the same real estate market to use the same agent that is selling your house as listing agent to also buy the next house. This obviously doesn’t work if you are moving to a different market.

Most people buying and selling homes simultaneously are move up buyers or move down buyers. There are also people who just need to move to a different part of town and they want to only move once, so timing the selling process and buying process is critical.

Also your agent will help you determine if you need to make an offer on a house contingent on yours selling or not. The other seller will want to know if you are buying contingent on the sale of your house because that affects whether or not they should accept your offer or go with someone else. Contingent offers and how those work should be discussed with your agent.

We have helped people buy and sell at the same time in Las Vegas and if you want to reach out to us here is our info.

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