Are We In a Housing Bubble? 32 Experts Give their Opinion: Housing Market Crash?

32 Experts were asked if we were in a housing bubble and their responses will shock you. There is growing concern that the housing market will crash due to a housing bubble for over-inflated home prices. This is a valid concern since the real estate market crashed from 2006-2011 due to a massive oversupply of homes and rising prices.

These housing market experts are everyone from the Chief Economist at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to industry experts. Most of them do not believe that we are in a housing crisis and that there is not a real estate bubble. None of the experts believe that the housing market will crash like it did in 2006 but some believe prices will decline at some point in the future.

Today’s update on the real estate market is that almost 70% of experts believe we are not in a housing bubble and the other 30% believe that home prices will either go down or stay the same. There is also beliefs that rising interest rates could dampen the housing market, which is the intent of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to cool off the economy.

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