Amazing HUD Home

Amazing HUD home bargain Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. Hey I have got this amazing HUD Home. I want to show you and when you think about HUD Home you probably think of a home that maybe needs a lot. It is maybe in a you know an older part of town, a smaller home and I just want to talk to you about this house. First of all the community I’m in right now is called Rhodes Ranch and it is a guard gated country club, beautiful area.I’m going to just first of all show you the street of this HUD house is on. There is looking down the street at some of the houses and see that they don’t look like they are typical. What you might have expected in REO or in a HUD-type home. This is actually the house right here looking back where you can see it. It is kind of windy out here today. There is the HUD house.So we will take a little tour inside. There is a punch line. I want to just stay around to the end of this because something about this is really amazing I think you are going to like. So here is a little more of the outside of the house, walk in. Pretty nice front door into this— see this amazing rock iron staircase here and you can see up there they have the rod iron. I could tell you that these railings, this is about a 40,000 upgrade have all of that and all of this just on its own.First you have got this really nice dining area with these, I mean that has got to be a 22 high foot ceiling. It is very open in here. It is really incredible. As far as the floorings it is very average carpet and some linoleum but pays them pretty good condition. Here is the backyard. It is all concreted out. Not a lot of room if you want put a pool you probably couldn’t, but still enough room if you want to do something out here.This is pretty nice. They have this granite and these they are very expensive these are highly upgraded cabinets. It is stainless steel sink. Of course you can see that there is no faucet right there it does have a stove and it has a microwave. The upgrades for this cabinetry probably 15 grand another probably 9 grand for the cabinet or for the granite, there is a downstairs room that does not have a closet so this would be like a study of some kind.Get up stairs here. There is a little bathroom downstairs. You can see the view from up here. It is pretty nice. It is very open. It has got an upstairs laundry area. It has got a really nice big bathroom down here. Bedroom up here with its own balcony, very cool you can, you have got a little bit of a view out there. There is another bedroom here. This is amazing. You have got this huge open area here.This could be a loft. It can be an office. It could be a library. It could be a study. You have got an area over here, you could put a computers, have a little tech loft. This is the master, master is really nice. It has got a separate shower and separate tub. This place is really upgraded minus the flooring. Probably could use a new flooring and new paint so here is the thing I wanted to tell you and why don’t you stick around to the end.This amazing house appraisal 275 FHA appraisal listed 2475, appraise it to 275, listed 2475. There is almost $30,000 of equity in this property at the top of the market this was a $600,000-$700,000 property. As a matter a fact you can buy this 3-1/2% down FHA for about $400 a month less that you could rent this kind of home. As you can come in here with 6 to 7 grand or maybe 8 grand, move in.It will have a smaller payment than you would have if you would rent it in here. There is instant equity this is a smoking deal. It is a HUD home. If you want to make an offer on this home or any other HUD home give me a call. My phone number is 702-218-2819. Thanks for watching Todd Miller TV and any questions you have on HUD specifically on HUD because there is some smoking deals out there right now give me a call, 702-218-2819. Thanks a lot.