21 Things you Must Do When a Loved One Passes Away

When a loved one passes away it is usually a difficult time in people’s lives. The grief and sadness can be made worse over time if critical things aren’t done as soon as possible when someone in your family dies. Below is a list of 21 things you must do when a loved one passes.

We’ve been personally dealing with these things this week as Todd’s mother passed away at the age of 91 and Todd was the primary living relative. Fortunately Oana has been doing most of these things based on a list that Hospice gave us. We go over these things to do when you lose a family member.

These are the things you must do in a timely manner when a family member passes away.
Notify the post office
Prepare and submit obituary to newspaper or mortuary
Get duplicate death certificates notify local social security office
Handle Medicare Look into employment benefits
Stop Health Insurance
Notify life insurance companies
Terminate other insurance policies
Meet with a Probate Attorney
Make a list of important bills
Contact financial advisors
Notify Mortgage companies
Notify banks Close credit card accounts
Notify credit reporting agencies
Cancel driver’s license
Cancel email
Cancel membership in organizations
Contact a tax preparer
Notify the election board

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