Why we need real estate agents Episode #211

Here is the link I was referring to..   http://jcmacpherson.com/Our%20home%20for%20sale/Our%20home.htm

Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. I just saw something interesting so I wanted to do a little update about this. This sort of goes along the line why we need Real Estate Agents. Somebody posted on my blog, a/their own personal marketing for their for sale by owner. So I thought it was very intriguing, I clicked on the link and ofcourse I approved it so it’s on my blog, under my market update for May. But I approved it and looked at it, and what it looked like was: remember in the 80’s? if you’re around in the 80’s, when you went in the internet, what websites looked like. Remember there was no formatting standard, you had very few HTML control so you would see stuff like big text and maybe picture here and there and then like remember people would put like flashing stuff, like you could put flashing lines and flashing boxes and stuff. And this was a for sale by owner who was trying to market his own home and show pictures, and it’d be write up explaining why she moved to Vegas and etcetera, etcetera. And so, and I think it’s great that the person actually did this that they put a ton of effort, they put a ton of work into creating their own little website for their own house to sell it. And/ but the interesting thing was they put on their price was 195 firm, $195,000 firm. So I decided, I would look at it and then look and see what the comps were in the neighborhood. It is a model match that just sold about 6 months ago, for $50,000 less so, $145,000 was the price it sold for. They’re saying I’ll take 195. So the perfect example of why a lot of people feasible and the reason why they do is ’cause an agent in reality would never take the listing. I mean why would you wanna have a listing for 195, go through all the works, spend all the money doing marketing, and dealing with $50,000 over, it’ll never appraise, right? No investor will ever buy it, no home owner will ever buy it, if you go down the street and buy one for $50,000 less. So that kinda brings me to my point, what would happen if this panacea that some people have created where the owners, and the/ we’re gonna take owners and buyers and just connect them magically together, ……. and we’re to count, the real estate agent’s gonna be beautiful and that just you know, obviously, you’re gonna have that problem where you know, people/why not make your house 250, or 350? Maybe some guy form some other planet would not realize and just accidentally buy it. Which is why most of those people do that, I think. I don’t think they realize that market is pretty tight and you have 2 risks when you do it yourself. One is, you list it too high and you don’t/it never sell and everything is just to go and someone buys it. I would always be terrified if I was doing my house by myself and someone says “yeah sure, I’ll buy it.” I think maybe I priced it too low, maybe I didn’t do a good job, you know. It’s the first person seeing the house. So anyway, I don’t know, so it’s interesting you can take a look at it if you want, it’s on my blog, it’s in comment. Not on this one but it’s gonna be on the/it should be on the one right below it. But for the guy that did it, if you’re out there watching, you know I give you credit. You put a lot of work into that. The write-up, the pictures and I know, you know that you have a beautiful home and it’s a/but you know, that’s just the reality. It’s just so how are people gonna see it and, even if you did put it in the MLS. If that price, you know what would, someone’s not gonna come in and pay that. They just won’t. Okay? There’s too much out there that’s much cheaper. Anyway, so that was the quick update, I just want top sort of comment on that and hope to see you on another video. Thanks.