Why the banks call you during your short sale. Episode #247

Todd: Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. Joined here today with Amada Brown who’s a short sale agent expert here in Las Vegas. Amanda you’ve done like a ridiculous number of short sales and one of the question I get form people is “I’m in the middle of a short sale and I’ve got my agent and they’re doing all the negotiation, but the bank keeps calling me to like you know, see if I’ll make my/If I wanna do a loan mod, or if I can start making payments or that I owe them money.” And they get confused and you know, why is that?

Amanda: Yeah. It’s very disappointing for home owners ’cause during the middle of a short sale and even a loan mod sometimes, the bank will continuously call them and they’ll even say like “Well we don’t have you down as a short sale.” We have this recently with one of our clients. It’s a whole completely department. They don’t talk and they don’t talk to each other. I think the people/someone’s gonna take the phone call, somebody knows how to work the computer half the time, ’cause if you really research that loan number, you’ll be able to see what’s going on.

Todd: Okay.

Amanda: But there are a lot of people at the bank that either don’t have the access to it, like detailed information or, don’t know how to do it because they’re just customer service reps, collection people-collection people do not care “I’ll let you do it your loan” they’re just trying to collect on the debts. So you could almost be close with your short sale and if collections is calling you, it means they don’t care. They just try to get more money out of you. But what you guys need to understand is they’re not talking to each other. So people we talk to on the short sale and the people we’re working who worked directly with your investors are completely different department that is calling you guys regarding your property in Las Vegas, regarding your delinquency, they have no idea half the time what is going on. It’s very disappointing like I said ’cause I don’t know how many times every week I get phone calls or text messages from sellers worried that we’re not doing anything , we don’t have anything going on, the bank told them that they don’t have this and little that they know, We actually haven’t had any sentence with the bank. We have a direct contact we’re working with at the bank, we have e-mails from that individual, tons of correspondences but they just are not on this end familiar of what’s going on.

Todd: Okay. So I think most people when they think of their bank they go to their local branch and there’s the same 4-5 people there everyday. Bu the banking side, the back end where they have 20,000 people all trying to sort out all the work, you’re saying they don’t talk. So just because a person gets a phone call saying “we want to no try it, we want to offer you a special loan mod, we wanna offer you whatever” They’re not really/first of all they can’t guarantee anything and second of all, they’re not really talking to the short sale negotiators on the bank side or the investors, they’re just told “Try to resolve this loan Somehow.”

Amanda: Exactly. That’s what they’re told to do and I’ve never/I still don’t understand why they have those individuals. They’ve been working at the bank because nothing ever gets accomplished.

Todd: Okay.

Amanda: And it even got so bad that we personally had this happen on an investment home, they sometimes loan loan application documents continuously that were/was a loan program/loan mod program for a primary residency. And this property was never a primary residency. At hours, we were almost done with the shot sale but yet we’re still getting these loan mod papers. That’s the kind of stuff you will get when you’re delinquent and it doesn’t mean your short sale is not working out or going through, it means that this whole other department is just doing something else.

Todd: So, if a person is doing a short sale, then he need to sort of not completely ignore but just take in with a grain of salt what the bank/some random person at the bank might be calling. And I think the average person can hear the like telemarketer, like the person who’s just told to call 10,000 people and they’re like reading a script and you’re like “Wait this doesn’t sound right. When I talked to my agent I get a different message.” They should probably/if they’re involved in a short sale and they are getting those calls, they should just call their short sale agent.

Amanda: Yeah. And if you get the call, ask the person: What’s your full name? What’s your company ID? What’s your phone number? So that while you just have that information and you know, you’ll be able to figure out your agent can figure whether it’s just/what kind of call it is. But majority of the time it’s useless calls.

Todd: Okay. Good. Good. I like that. Taking/getting all their information ’cause they always wanna call and get yours and then you can hand it to your agent maybe they could call or resolve it or something.

Amanda: Correct.

Todd: Okay. If somebody wants to talk to you about a short sale here in Las Vegas, how do they get in touch with you?

Amanda: You can call me personally on my cellphone which is 702-496-7416.

Todd: Awesome!

Amanda: Thank You!

Todd: Cool! Well that is my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!