Why social media is important in real estate

Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. I wanted to quick update today about Social Media, why social media is important, not only for us Real Estates Professionals, but for you guys out there as consumers. In the past when you were meeting a new, whatever, Real Estate agent, Loan officer or some professional, you would typically do one of two things: you would either do a ton of research online, try to find out how many listings agents have, like try to find out who is competent;
or you would ask a friend and you would get a referral; ’cause what you wanted to know is: Is this person competent? So Real Estate agent spend a ton of time and effort prospecting to their sphere of influence: people they know, past clients, trying to get referrals from them to/for business. Well, what’s happening now is, people are using third party endorsements, from sites like Yelp for example to find everything from like restaurants they should go to, what Real Estate professional they should go to. And they also, when they get contact with somebody new, even if it’s a referral, they do what I do, they go online, I type-in their name and I go look at their Facebook fan page, I look at their Twitter account, I look at their Video blog, their text blog, and I go look at their social media, and just sort of see what they’re all about. It’s really interesting that we are having this conversation this way because you’re watching this through social media. You’re either seeing this through Youtube, you’re seeing it through my video blog toddmillertv.com ; and that’s how we’re having this engagement. So, I wanted to quick update, I just sort to have this profound thought, and I’ve sort of seen this shift; where people are saying: who do you know? People are going online and then they’re looking at all the stuff that’s been put out by these people. I think it’s a big area that everybody in the future, that they’re business, they’re gonna be using this to find out more about people, then be doing passive stuff, tale snap shots over period of time, see what this person’s all about. If you’re an agent, this is something you need to be doing. If you’re a consumer out there, you’re looking to buy or sell a house. And you are wanting to find somebody you believe is competent, that can help you through the process, and isn’t a scam or anything like that, that you’re going to look back and see what things that they do, see what other people are following them; for credibility and for other things. Anyway, that was my quick update, I was just wanna give you a social media update today. You can find out more by registering on my videos, or subscribing to my Youtube channel. That’s it, and Thank you for watching today. Bye.