Why are FSBOs overpriced? Episode #289

Hello. Welcome to Todd Miller TV. Today’s post is addressing the frustrated buyer and that’s the buyer whether you’re trying to buy a home to live in or you’re an investor and you’ve been just in franchise from the Las Vegas real estate market strictly because you’ve put too much offers on properties, you haven’t got accepted so you’ve given up. Well, here is sort of my advice.

We’ve dealt with investors and homeowners who have – we’ve successfully gotten home score and it was worth it. And this is why. If you were trying to buy a home last year, it was frustrating. If you were trying to buy a home six months ago, it was frustrating. If you were trying to buy a home now, it’s frustrating. What that means is that in the long term, it’s good. It’s good news. Meaning, it was easy to buy a house than if you could just go out, write an offer, get the offer accepted, and then that would mean there’s a lot of inventory.

Well, there’s very little inventory so that means there’s an opportunity. So don’t mistake your inability to get a house for the lack of opportunity. There is a great opportunity. We’re seeing upward pressure on prices because of the low inventory. So by giving up, what are you going to do? Wait a year until there’s a lot of houses or two years or three years and then maybe you’ve missed out on a bunch of appreciation where there’s not that upward pressure or if you just pay more for a house that you would get right now?

So anyway, I just wanted to address what frustrated people. I’m hearing this from a lot of people that I’m not working with. They’re just saying, “Hey, we’ve made all these offers. We didn’t get accepted so we decided not to buy.” And I think that’s a sort of giving up and you can get a house. You just have to have the right people working with you and know what they’re doing and have the right strategy to get an offer accepted rather than just throwing a bunch of low balls out there or going after the hot houses that everybody else is going after.

So anyway, I thought I share that with you. That’s my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks.