Where to find the “good” schools in Las Vegas Episode #235

Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. The subject today is how to find a good school district here in Las Vegas. And I get this question all the time even form investors, ’cause investors want good school district, the term that they use, because they wanna make sure that their property gets rented. So first of all, good is a relative term. It’s an opinion and it’s very difficult for anybody to say what a good school district is. So here/I’m gonna give you a couple tips and couple thing you can do. First thing you can do is if you go in to Google and you type in “Clark County School District”, you’re gonna find the CCSD.org website. You’re gonna be able to go on there and you’ll be able to search the schools. You’re be able to look and see that some of them are ranked and you can see what programs they offer. Las Vegas does have something called The Magnet School programs so no matter where you live, if your child qualifies, they can go to this Magnet Schools and they have Magnet Schools for Mathematics, Computer Science, for Acting, for a lot of different subjects, that’s independent of where you lived. And those tend to be pretty good schools. Ofcourse they’re not gonna be right by your house. But there’s also an online resource called greatschools.org You can see some review of schools and they rate the schools. So that’s sort of my recommendation. If you’re asking your agent then you’re gonna get opinion and it’s very difficult for us as agents to determine what makes a school good or not. I grew up here.I went to the schools here. My children though, as far as Public schools did not go to Public schools here. They went to the Catholic Schools. So my opinion is atleast for my kids’ education was I was gonna send them to Catholic education so, that’s the sort of what I did. But I just/I’m giving you that really just to say there are options there are other Christian Schools, there are Jewish Schools, there are non-denominational Christian Schools, there are just regular private schools, we have a wide variety of education here but if your idea is you want a good public school it’s gonna be relative. For example, if you’re coming from certain parts of New England or places like that, New Jersey and maybe Michigan, and some places where they have really outstanding schools, an average school there might be way better than any of the schools here. So, it’s relative. If you’re coming from out of town and that’s really important, I recommend you do your due diligence on your own. That you don’t take your Real Estate agent’s advice. I certainly can’t be one to give offer advice especially since I didn’t put my kids through traditional public schools here in Las Vegas; I’m not saying they’re bad. I’m a product of them. I was able to go form a public school here in Las Vegas back in the 80’s and get accepted at the Naval Academy and graduate from there and did just fine. So the schools here, you know, it’s gonna be based on what your expectations are and all that. And ofcourse, then we have the online schools where the student can do all their work from home. They’re basically home school. They do all their classes online through the computer so, anyway that’s/I just reall wanna give you those resources but the biggest one is do the research yourself. Clark County District, Google that and you’ll be bale to find the website. It will tell you all about schools. Then the other thing to do is if you know people that live here, who are just like friends of yours or relatives, ask them. Hey what do they know about the schools? And find out what it is that your child is interested in studying and see if any schools specialize on those. Sort of my recommendation. Anyway, I just thought I would share that with you, that is my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!