What to do if your agent isn’t doing their job

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV.I was looking at the back end of my blog which tells me how people find it and I get to see all the search terms you guys put in. So when you put in like Investment house Las Vegas, and then you find my blog, I see that. Whatever you put in to Google or whatever search engine you’re using. And it’s interesting that I was going through those looking and of the things that somebody typed that found my job/found my blog is: What do I do when my Real Estate Agent isn’t working for me? So what can I do when my agent just won’t do the things they’re supposed to do? So, I thought I would answer that question because somebody out there obviously was wondering that. She have a couple of options. First option is, you ca fire the agent. You can always tell the agent formally “I don’t want you working for me anymore, stop what you’re doing in my behalf” and go find another agent. The biggest thing that I see with that is that sometimes the agent doesn’t realize you’re serious and you are out there really seriously trying to buy and the agent sort of thinks you’re a flaky buyer or not qualified or whatever. So they’re not putting much effort on your behalf. That’s the biggest thing. So, what I recommend is, that when you sit down with that agent, that they/fist of all they have some value proposition, they have to show you what the services are they gonna provide. And then, you’ll see what they are and you’ll say “Okay, I’m comfortable with this” or “I’m not comfortable with this”. And if you’re comfortable with it, then just tell them you’re hired. And make it a formal thing. Some agents, like what we use here, It’s a buyer-broker agreement, it’s just “Hey look, you just agreed to hire us” And if we don’t hold up our end of the bargain and do all things we’re gonna say, and there’s no cost for that, you don’t have to pay for that, you just/you know, it’s a commitment. So if you had that commitment, you’re probably not gonna have a problem. My guess is, in most of people I talked to who are having a problem with their agent is they don’t have that commitment. They don’t have them over here,and the agent over here and like this together. They’re apart and they’re not communicating. That’s the biggest thing. It’s easy to fire an agent. Now, if you’re under contract on property, and you say “hey, I don’t like the agent, I want to get another one to finish it out”, you’re gonna have problems from a commission point of view because the agent’s under commission, another agent is not gonna be able to step in and is not gonna want to do do work/not gonna get involved. Typically, that’s kind of a problem. But, the bottomline is, if you do a good job upfront, you do your do diligence, you figure out the agent’s value proposition. Whatever that is. Wether it’s/they’re driving you around in a Limo’, or there answering your phone 24/hours/their phone 24 hours a day just for you, or they just know the market better that anybody else. Whatever that is, if you get that communicated to you and it make sense. And, you should be happy upfront. So, as long as you believe that the agent is a good agent and that all agents aren’t sort of homogenous and kind of a commodity, I think you’ll be better off. So, that’s really your choices. That’s what you can do if your agent is not doing a good job, is get rid of him, go and find someone who will do a good job. That is my update for today, I hope to see you on another video. Thanks.